LanceMonitor – Freelance job notifications

We monitor global freelance sites for new jobs and send notifications, real fast


This is a freelance job notification engine.
Instead of searching for jobs, you simply get notified when fresh one matches your speciality!

How it works

1. PollGlobal freelance sites are polled frequently for newly listed jobs.
2. MatchAll found jobs are searched for keywords that you have interest in.
3. NotifyYou have an instant email once a match found!

1. Freelance sites

Select freelance marketplaces you work at


2. Identity

3. Criterias

Start adding filter criterias by choosing one of the samples on the right or by pressing little "Add" dropdown button...

Criterias allow you to desribe precisely what jobs you're looking for. A job internally is formatted text to which filter criterias get applied. Criterias can contain wildcard (*).You can observe job text representations by clicking items in found jobs list below.

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